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Digi Stick

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Digixstream DL4         $225.00

Digixstream DL4 $225.00



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setup instructions

 How To Set up your box

 This is a little guide on how to set up your new Android Media Box:

 After you get through the initial set up and configure you internet or ethernet you will be launched into the main Android screen. From the main screen you want to click on the XBMC Media Center icon in the upper right.

 After Media center launches you will be brought to the main XBMC screen where you will see from right to Left

Weather | Pictures | Videos | Music | Programs | System

 You want to go to Videos > The Select Add Ons

 Inside you will see one Icon The HD Dragon Wizard. Please select The Dragon Wizard and hit OK then Yes to Install, provided you have a great internet connection this should take about 10 minutes if this is taking longer you should check your wifi connection if on wifi.

 Once the wizard is installed your all done and ready to start enjoying your new media box. If your running into any errors after install please allow the box enough time to install updates and Please check your choices on where your choosing to watch your content. Please check the FAQ page as there are allot of answers to frequent problems.

 Apps will go up and down from time to time so we try and put the best front 7 -9 so you dont have to looks for those sources yourself. What we use is what we suggest you use as we have tested it and use it personally, we are on our boxes 24/7 365 and we dont like to have to go to far to watch what we want when we want. There is a list of sugested apps on the Cheat Sheet on this website.

 Please download Voxer chat on your android or IOS device so that the community members can help one another in real time in the event any one of is not available at any given time someone will be available to help you all the time.

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